Laura Byford

Laura was born in Jersey. One of the small channel Islands between the UK and France in 1975. The family soon relocated to the UK, just outside London, where she grew up.

After finishing school she had the opportunity, through work, to travel around the world visiting Europe, Japan, Thailand and the USA. Although pursuing a career in Design was not her immediate choice, this is when design started to make a big impact on her life.

After numerous architectural and interior design projects in and around London, her natural flair for all things design-orientated, brought in projects from France, Spain and Cyprus.


Carol Veronique

Carol was born in South America and relocated to the UK with her family at the age of 10 years old to continue her education. She studied finance and accounting in London.

After her extensive work in accountancy, Carol worked for some of the most prestigious clubs and hotels in London's Park Lane.

She met her husband and after having four children, decided to give up work in preference of raising their young family.